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The Cinema Out of Your Backpack Festival is dedicated to a new generation of filmmakers. Their home: the internet. Their set: the world. Their tools: DSLR video cameras. Everything they need fits in a backpack. They can shoot wherever and whenever they want. And they have stories to tell. Lots of. We believe this is the future of independent cinema – extremely inexpensive films that you can make by yourself.


Got a feature film idea? Here’s your festival! Pick one scene and shoot it with your DSLR. All gear has to fit in your backpack. Prove it with a snapshot.


  • Oct 16, 2011
    Get Ready for the DSLR Film Festival
  • Oct 16, 2011
    Pt. 2: Ready to Submit?
  • Oct 16, 2011
    Amsterdam DSLR Meetup
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